Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

To answer that question, you have to understand who I am and what Skye Dyes is all about. I love watching people grow by helping them learn about themselves. I embrace their spiritual and creative minds while teaching and learning alongside them. I've been tie-dying for 23 out the 26 years I've been on this earth. I've met people from all walks of life, all genders, and all classes that love to wear tie-dyes and believe it is a powerful medium in helping to bring all of the human race together. So what do we do? We make and sell handmade Tie Dye shirts. For each, 25% of the profits go to Charities such as International Child Art Foundation, or WIldnerness Youth Project, as well as into the free community tie-dye events hosted by Skye Dyes. I believe creativity and sense of community helps to foster empathy and humanitarian values in children, which in turn, builds a brighter future. A world with increased tolerance and the ability to coexist peacefully.

What is a Skye Dyes Tie Dye Party?

Tie-dye Sessions are free events where we invite the local community, friends, and any guests that are walking by. The only advertisement is the power of word of mouth. Tie-Dye Sessions are a way for me to involve myself with the community and build relationships with people of all ages who wish to explore their creative minds. I give them the knowledge and supplies to safely and respectively tie-dye their own shirts for free. It's a fun music filled event which brings people together as one.

How does buying a Skye Dyes Tie Dye Shirt help?

YOU can truly help the world by investing yourself, your money, your time, your energy or your spirit into someone or something that you believe is righteous and beneficial for the community. Personally, I am using Skye Dyes as a tool for communication and a belief system that the more we work together as a community and respect and value one another's life as our own, that it will help make the world a better place. I want to contribute to the growth and development of our society by donating a portion of every sale to the International Children's Art Foundation. By buying one Skye Dyes shirt you are supporting that belief as well as helping to support the future.

Can I get a custom Skye Dyes Tie Dye shirt?

Yes! However, we don't sell custom tie-dyes in our online store. Tie-dying provides varied results and we cannot totally guarantee it will always turn out exactly as asked. To get your very own custom tie-dye we invite you to come to one of our Tie-Dye events and make it yourself. It's fun and you'll love it, we promise.

Are your Skye Dyes Tie Dyes handmade?

Always. Our crew makes each Tie Dye shirt, one by one. Each is unique in their own way due to the handmade nature in the tie-dying process. You can expect beautiful variations from shirt to shirt and a unique Skye Dyes Tie Dye made JUST for you.

When is your next Skye Dyes Tie Dye Party?

Skye Dyes Tie Dye Parties are hosted once a month. Each in a different city up and down the west coast of North America. You can always check our Facebook, Instagram or Events page on this website to learn about upcoming events in your area.

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