Magnificent Mars - Red, Black and Purple
  • Magnificent Mars - Red, Black and Purple

    The Magnificent Mars - Martius is The God of War and also considered an agricultural guardian of Ancient Rome. Most of his festivals were held in March, the month named for him, and October, which began the season for military campaigning and ended the season for farming.


    Although Ares was viewed primarily as a destructive and destabilizing force, Mars represented military power as a way to secure peace and was a father of the Roman people.

    Mars was the father of Romulus and Remus.



    Through community, kindness and tie-dye, we will shape a brighter tomorrow by developing creativity and empathy in the youth of today to make them brighter adults of tomorrow.


    25% of every SkyeDyes Tie Dye shirt sale goes to charities, art programs and our FREE community building Tie Dye Workshops, all of which help children and our community grow in a positive, creative and humanitarian society.


      The design stays the same but due to the unique nature of tiedyes, color and pattern variations may occur. Each of our tiedyes are handmade one by one by Skye Dyes and undergo quality assurance check before being shipped out to you. The 2 labels are hand sewn, a embroidery label is included on the front of the shirt, and a outside tag on the back. 


      All shirts are preshrunk and washed individually, and will be fine for regular washes after at least one cold rinse by itself when its recieved. It is also reccommended you not wash these shirts with white cloths or sensitive materials. Skye Dyes does not assume responsibility for any damage that may occur. 


      If you have paid for at least one shirt, you may be qualified to recieve a replacement of one shirt, if you experience any rips, tears, faded colors, etc. Please KINDLY reach out to Skye Dyes and we will take care of you.