Hindsight is 2020...

Hello SkyeDyes Friends, Family and Visitors!

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all who have supported me along the way. This was the first complete year of SkyeDyes Tiedyes!

I'm proud to say I will continue to make awesome tie-dyes for you, I will keep on having free tie-dye parties through the year and I am ever growing my product line.

I am also super super duper happy to announce the up coming of booking your own tie-dye parties. This year of 2020 I already have several parties booked, so I'm stoked for everyone to have a chance to make some rad tie-dyes with a purpose.


Just a recap for the year in case you missed us on social media or if you’re just tuning in..

- I went to 5 Cities Hope Festival in Arroyo Grande, CA wear I sponsored their staff t-shirts and donated 25% of my sales to their nonprofit that assist the young LGBT community. This taught me much about working together with other like minded and productive people.

- I attended Pride Festival in San Luis Obispo, where I learned much about the community itself and had my first real vendor experience and learned more than I had expected and what that takes to successfully operate a booth at a event with more than 5000 people.

- Last but definitely not least, I was provided a beautiful opportunity to set up a interactive make your own tie-dye booth at the MOXI Museum - a Exploration and Innovation museum for kids and adults to learn about complex natures.

Its been a productive and incredible year working on SkyeDyes and I look forward to continue investing into the human race.

Stay tuned for more updates!

..And remember...

... Also please please please feel free to share and spread the word of SkyeDyes, you never know who will want to hear about it! Plus we all know how social media is now a days ;)

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