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Hello Friends!

My name is Skye Ramseyer and I'm the owner of Skye Dyes Tie-Dyes, the T-Shirt Brand. I started the Skye Dyes Tie-Dyes business venture in 2018 of September with the intention of growing my own Tie-Dye community here on the West Coast of United States, as well as the whole planet. I believe in Humans.

I believe in Love, Compassion, Empathy, Self-Awareness, Self-Discipline, Community and Education. I believe with all these things, that that humans race will be able to co-exist and thrive as a whole.

How does Skye Dyes Tie Dyes help?

When you wear any brand, your representing something you believe in and support as a whole. What makes Skye Dyes Tie Dyes so special is that we vow to save 25% of our profits to go to our communities around the globe. We support small local non-profits that contribute to our youth and community. There are four guidelines we follow for the non-profits we chose to support, Community, Education, Creativity, Empathy. We also host our very own Free Tie Dyes Events free to anyone who brings a white shirt, and smiling faces of course. :)

Skye Dyes Tie-Dye Events:

Events are hosting frequently through the year, one for every season to be exact. These events, for now, are hosted on the West Coast of North America but I have intentions on growing Skye Dyes Communities around the globe.

Here’s Why Skye Dyes Tie-Dyes are Special:

  1. Handmade every-time unique Tie-Dyes

  2. 25% of our profits are donated to small local and charitable 5013(c)s

  3. Free events are hosted for people around the globe

  4. You can be apart of the Skye Dyes Tie Dye Family

  5. Skye Dyes Tie-Dyes show others you aren't afraid to show your true colors

Every Skye Dyes Tie-dye comes with a unique story and of course everyone is handmade by our Skye Dyes Family.

This Skye Dyes Tie-Dye is called Supernova. An explosion of multi-colored chaotic goodness that created life in ways unknown.

Get yours at

Bringing humans together, like the colors of a Tie-Dye.


Thank you for reading my first blog post I've ever written. I look forward to making more in the near future! If you don't already, please go follow my Instagram and find me on Facebook.

Thanks Again!

- Skye Ramseyer (@this_is_skye) Owner of SkyeDyes (@SkyeDyes)

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